About Dental Braces

Dental Braces allows the dentist in tijuana to analyse your teeth and go on and apply the right amount of pressure to them which will make the teeth move in the right direction. This will bring about a change in the teeth location. Conventional Dental Braces are most widely used as they work well on the most stubborn of teeth and also are far more affordable. However, they do have their weaknesses such as they need to remain permanently fixed on the teeth.

The long term use of dental braces could trigger complete change of form of face, jaw and cheek bones. Chances of mouth sores are excessive. This might happen from any of the components of braces. Sudden breakage of braces can also occur, resulting in the injury of adjacent delicate tissues of the mouth, gums and may cause fracture. Therefore, correct care is a should. The extreme stress on tooth may also trigger resorption of the tooth root. Prolonged use and improper care can result in periodontal illness. In some circumstances, the success fee may be low and after removing the braces, the now appropriately positioned tooth can return to their abnormal position. This may make the enamel seem extra misaligned than they initially have been.